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Differential streamlines the information collection component of small animal consults. It achieves this by providing a logic-based questionnaire to clients prior to their consult and converting these detailed answers into a concise summary in veterinary terminology.

The result improves the efficiency of veterinary consultations, eases the pressure on vets, ensures more thorough clinical histories, better diagnostic selections and greater ability to ensure appropriate consult length/pricing.



Helping Owners feel in control

  • Can answer questions in their own time or whilst waiting in emergency
  • Reduce perceived pressure and stress of recalling everything within the consult
  • Can spend more time in consult discussing conditions, diagnostics and treatment options

Relieving Vet stress

  • Prepare for consult ahead of time and formulate differential lists
  • Triage non-critical patients (for emergency care)
  • Spend more time on examination, diagnostic and/or treatment plans
  • Price consults better and see more consults each day
  • Ease burden on grads to recall chains of questions
  • Reduce frustration/stress extracting information

Improving Clinic efficiency

  • Improved veterinary turnover and experience
  • Unlocking additional revenue:
    • Higher daily consult volume through information collection time savings
    • More appropriate pricing – aligning probable case complexity to consult length/price ahead of time
  • Improved consult visibility – ability to allocate most appropriate vet, potential diagnostics
  • Access to synthesised data on typical concerns being treated, medications being used, diet etc

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